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afterPropertiesSet() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository


call() - Method in interface org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCall
close() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository
close() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository
close() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
createTempDirectory() - Static method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
Create a temporary directory under system temdir


destroy() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository
direct() - Static method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCallExecutor
DynamicLocalResourceRepository - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
This implementation of ResourceRepository extends StaticLocalResourceRepository by adding a recurring task that sync local files with remote Source once a while.
DynamicLocalResourceRepository(File, Source) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository
DynamicLocalResourceRepository(Source) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository


FileSystemResourceRepository - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
A simple implementation of ResourceRepository based on a local file system directory.
FileSystemResourceRepository(File) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.FileSystemResourceRepository


getBranchOrCommmit() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
getObject() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.GitconPropertiesBeanFactory
getObjectType() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.GitconPropertiesBeanFactory
getResource(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.FileSystemResourceRepository
getResource(String) - Method in interface org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.ResourceRepository
Get file object for given relative file path in repository
getResource(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository
getResource(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
getSource() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
getUpdateIntervalSeconds() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository
The default checking interval is seconds.
getWorkingDirectory() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.FileSystemResourceRepository
getWorkingDirectory() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
GitconPropertiesBeanFactory - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring
A spring BeanFactory that creates Properties based on a file in given ResourceRepository.
GitconPropertiesBeanFactory(ResourceRepository, String) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.GitconPropertiesBeanFactory


init() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository
init() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
This method should be called before instance can be used.
initWorkingDirectory(File) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
initWorkingDirectory(File) - Method in interface org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.Source
Get files from logical source into local working directory when application starts
invokeCall(JGitCall<T>) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCallExecutor
Invoke given call
isSingleton() - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.GitconPropertiesBeanFactory


JGitCall<T> - Interface in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit
JGitCallExecutor - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit
Class that invokes GitCall with special logic around invocations
JGitCallExecutor() - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCallExecutor
JGitLocalResourceRepository - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring
A convenient class that combines JGitSource and StaticLocalResourceRepository
JGitLocalResourceRepository(String) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository
JGitLocalResourceRepository(String, File) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring.JGitLocalResourceRepository
JGitSource - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit
Implementation of Source that gets file from a Git repository.
JGitSource(String) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Constructor that uses a working directory under system temporary directory


org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon - package org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit - package org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit
org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring - package org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.spring
Classes in this package help user to embed Gitcon in Spring smoothly


ResourceRepository - Interface in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
Interface that expose files for given file path


setBranchOrCommit(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Caller sets branchOrCommit in order to checkout files from a non-default branch or specified commit.
setBuildInSshIdentityUsed(boolean) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Gitcon jar file comes with a build-in SSH private key for user gitconreader in both Github and BitBucket.
setSshIdentity(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Use specified SSH private key for authentication
setSshIdentityFile(File) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
An alternative of JGitSource.setSshIdentity(String) that takes a File instead of file path.
setUpdateIntervalSeconds(int) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.DynamicLocalResourceRepository
Setting the checking interval.
setUserPassword(String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
An alternative method of JGitSource.setUserPassword(String, String) which takes parameters from one single string
setUserPassword(String, String) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Set user and password used to authenticate access to Git repository.
Source - Interface in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
A source that gets files from a logical repository into physical local file system
StaticLocalResourceRepository - Class in org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon
Implementation of ResourceRepository based on a local file system root.
StaticLocalResourceRepository(Source) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
Constructor with a source that is responsible for getting files into the working directory.
StaticLocalResourceRepository(File, Source) - Constructor for class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.StaticLocalResourceRepository
Constructor with given working directory and file source and a given working directory.
synchronize(JGitCallExecutor) - Static method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCallExecutor


updateWorkingDirectory(File) - Method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitSource
Update local repository by running a git pull command
updateWorkingDirectory(File) - Method in interface org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.Source
Get modified files from logic source into local working directory.


withSshPrivateKey(String) - Static method in class org.cyclopsgroup.gitcon.jgit.JGitCallExecutor
Because JGit relies on JSch to handle SSH transport, which binds SSH key via static instance, there's no elegant way to allow multiple SSH keys in the same JVM.
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